How to change image size to, say 128?

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编辑: John ,2021-10-13
In "openExample('nnet/TrainGenerativeAdversarialNetworkGANExample')", the image size is set to 64. When changed all "found" places to 128, it showed a non-scaler error.
Please help to resolve this problem.
Thank you!

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst 2021-10-12
编辑:Image Analyst 2021-10-12
I think most (or all?) network architectures are built to expect a certain size image upon input. I don't think you can just change the size to whatever you want.
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John 2021-10-12
Added an according layer to both generator and discriminator, it worked up to 5 iterations (still in epoch 1), then it shows an error "state must be a table, value must be 1-by-1 cell array or dlarray.
Displayed "dlnetGenerator.State", it does show the correct table with 1-by-1 dlarray.
Comparing to 64 image, it has one extra layer with higher number.
It would be an excellent tutorial for all. Hope experts can help.


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