what does thegrid{1}.points=(1:n); mean?

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评论: Dave B ,2021-10-28
Hello. I don't understand the underlined part. Can you please explain what is it doing?
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2021-10-28
Could you clarify what this has to do with python (that you tagged with) ?


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Dave B
Dave B 2021-10-13
编辑:Dave B 2021-10-13
Cell arrays are containers for heterogenous data, each cell can hold arbitrary types/sizes/shapes. Cells are addressed with { }
The code creates a scalar cell array called grid
In the first (and only) cell in the grid, the code implicitly creates a struct. Structs are also containers that hold heterogenous data, but instead of indexing them by rows and columns it uses named fields. thegrid{1} has two fields: coordinate and points.
Inside thegrid{1}.coordinate theres a column of p zeros
Inside thegrid{1}.points are integers between 1 and n
Hope that helps, please let me know if you have more specific questions!
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Dave B
Dave B 2021-10-28
there are a lot of little expressions in there, can you clarify which part is confusing? A good tip in MATLAB is: start with one set of values (i.e. get out of the loop by setting i and j to be 1). break the code out into its statements (i.e. take each function one at a time), run them in the command window with no semicolon so you can see what the output is.


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