Convert Python time to Matlab datum

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Mark Davidson
Mark Davidson2021-10-15
评论: Mark Davidson ,2021-10-15
How do I convert Python timestamp to a Matlab datenum? I am sure this is a common issue, but I could not find a Matlab function to do this easily.


Dave B
Dave B 2021-10-15
Python has several ways it represents time. A common one is so called unix timestamps, which are the number of seconds since 1970:
secssince1970 = 1634287957.292;
datetime(1970,1,1) + seconds(secssince1970)
ans = datetime
15-Oct-2021 08:52:37
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Mark Davidson
Mark Davidson 2021-10-15
This might be a useful Matlab fuction...
function [dnum,date_time]=python2matlabTime(timestamp)
date_time = datetime(1970,1,1) + seconds(timestamp);


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Steven Lord
Steven Lord 2021-10-15
Don't convert to a datenum. Depending on how the Python timestamp represents the date and time, I suspect some of the values for the ConvertFrom parameter in the datetime function will be of use, something like:
x = 20211015;
dt = datetime(x, 'ConvertFrom', 'yyyymmdd')
dt = datetime
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Mark Davidson
Mark Davidson 2021-10-15
The time-stamp is in a number format a bit like the matlab datenumber but not the same. I think that it is the same as the unix timestamp, but I'm not sure.





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