How do I plot different fields of a structure in a loop?

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Hi all.
I'm very new to Matlab and I'm trying to create a loop that plots everything between these 2 lines of code:
so it would plot the following
and so on all the way to
all in the same plot. The RNN field name changes with each call to scatter.
Any help with this would be fantastic thanks so much


Image Analyst
Image Analyst 2021-10-15
Use dynamic field names:
% Create sample data
MCR_full.MIB035.Reaches.R32.kin = rand(100, 3)
MCR_full.MIB035.Reaches.R33.kin = rand(100, 3)
MCR_full.MIB035.Reaches.R34.kin = rand(100, 3)
MCR_full.MIB035.Reaches.R41.kin = rand(100, 3)
MCR_full.MIB035.Reaches.R42.kin = rand(100, 3)
% Get all the fieldnames.
fieldNames = fieldnames(MCR_full.MIB035.Reaches)
% Get data from each field and plot it.
for k = 1 : numel(fieldNames)
thisFieldName = fieldNames{k};
fprintf('Plotting %s.\n', thisFieldName);
thisArray = MCR_full.MIB035.Reaches.(thisFieldName).kin;
x = thisArray(:, 1);
y = thisArray(:, 3);
% Unique, random color for each.
thisColor = rand(1, 3);
% Do the scatter plot
scatter(x, y, 30, thisColor, 'filled');
hold on; % Don't let subsequent plots blow away earlier ones.
grid on;

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