HTTP Post - No data at receiver

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Peter Reiter
Peter Reiter2021-10-16
评论: Peter Reiter ,2021-11-5
Dear all,
I have created an HTTP post with the corresponding REACT to send various measurement data of a bee hive to Unfortunately, the data does not arrive there although I was able to successfully transmit data with Postman which was then also written to the database (JSON an also with X-WWW-FORM).
I can't explain what content error I have in the body?
Unfortunately, my knowledge of MATHLAB is not sufficient to create a post from this.
Thanks a lot in advance
Name:Beute 2
HTTP Auth Username:
HTTP Auth Password:
Content Type:application/json
HTTP Version:1.1
Body:{"weight_kg"=%%channel_1293353_field_6%%, "h"=%%channel_1293353_field_3%%, "t"=%%channel_1293353_field_1%%, "p"=%%channel_1293353_field_4%%, "t"=%%channel_1293353_field_2%%, t_i=%%channel_1293353_field_5%%}
Parse String:
Created:2021-10-16 4:50 am

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Christopher Stapels
Christopher Stapels 2021-10-27
Instead of thingHTTP, I would reccomend you use a MATLAB analysis. You can use the webwrite command to create a POST. There is a specific ThingSpeak example on the doc page I linked.
Start your analysis by reading the channel with the values you want to send to the BEEP service. Then you can write those valeus in the POST to ThingSpeak using webwrite. You can use the react to trigger the MATLAB analysis, or timecontrol to trigger it at regular intervals.
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Peter Reiter
Peter Reiter 2021-11-5
Thank you for your answer. I tried it, but unfortunately my knowledge is not sufficient enough (despite the good explanation).
Then I hope that the HttpPost will work again soon.



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