Get next business day without taking into account holidays and saturdays

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回答: the cyclist ,2021-10-17
Dear MATLAB experts,
I'm trying to get the next business day of each date in an array without taking into account saturdays, but I can't manage to do so with the function 'busdate' from MATLAB. The aim is to get the next so named "weekday" discarding holidays for each one of the dates in the array. I would really appreciate your help, thank you in advance.
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chiefjia 2021-10-17
Dear the cyclist,
I've managed to solve this issue by using an if condition with 'weekday'. I was trying to impute the missing values of a date array of one column with the next business date of each row in another array with one column. Here my code with the solution integrated:
for i=1:length(reporting_date)
if isnat(reporting_date(i))
reporting_date(i) = busdate(position_date(i));
if isweekend(datetime(reporting_date(i))) == 1
reporting_date(i) = busdate(position_date(i), 2);
As an example, I computed:
busdate(20170610, 1)
ans = 20170611
20170611 is actually a sunday. The same happens with 20170609:
busdate(20170609, 1)
ans = 20170610
20170610 is a Saturday.



the cyclist
the cyclist 2021-10-17
The issue is not a problem with busdate(), but with your understanding of the input. 20170610 is being interpreted as a serial date number. (See this documentation.)
datestr(20170610) % Serial date number 20170610 is April 2, 5225 which is a Wednesday
ans = '02-Apr-5225'
busdate(20170610, 1)
ans = 20170611
Here is your intended result, by first converting from the serial date number to a datetime.
busdate(datetime(num2str(20170610),'InputFormat','yyyyMMdd')) % Converted the serial date number to a datetime
ans = datetime
Using the canonical datetime format for all dates in MATLAB is highly encouraged.

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