Is the formula given the same as the code?

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Oscar Holyoake
Oscar Holyoake2021-10-22
评论: Oscar Holyoake ,2021-10-22
Hey guys. I’m currently having a disagreement with a lecturer over this assignment question. I believe that the code should be changed to t=0:6 to match the formula they have given. We were given a morality table so do not worry about dx or lx as those are set variables. Any clarification on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, O.H


Rik 2021-10-22
Since the exponents range from -1 to -7, that means you will need 7 different values for t. One of the ways to achieve that is indeed having t=0:6.
Neither is infinite (as the summation indicates), but this might be a reasonable approximation for your application.
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Oscar Holyoake
Oscar Holyoake 2021-10-22
Actually, I guess technically it is bounded to infinity, but if x>100 then dx and lx = 0. Either way you would get the same answer


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