Can't open system composer examples

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Khurram Waris
Khurram Waris2021-10-24
回答: Jorge Calvo ,2021-11-2
I just downloaded system composer and wanted to visit the various examples on the home page here
I am unable to open various examples by typing the command on the command prompt. For instance when opening examples under 'Simulink Integration'
I get error
'>> systemcomposer.loadModel('scMobileRobotHardwareArchitecture');
Error using systemcomposer.loadModel
Cannot load the specified model. No system or file called 'scMobileRobotHardwareArchitecture' found.'
Do these models not available when using trial version?
Many thanks

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Jorge Calvo
Jorge Calvo 2021-11-2
I don't know very much about this example, but it looks like it's the first of four steps in a workflow, and you first have to go to this one to get the files in question:
At least, that's how I interpret the line of text above the code you entered:
Hope that helps!

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