Why do i get extremely small output signal whenever I use any block of source other than CONSTANT input

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cheng chang
cheng chang2021-10-25
评论: cheng chang ,2021-10-30
I did a block diagram as follow, and no matter what sources I use (pulse generator, step, IC), the output signals are always on the order of 10^-5 or even smaller (10^-26)
following output shows the problem. I have tried to set the adder with double, but it didn't work
At the end, I want to notice that the same block diagram as above runs on other computer resulting in appropriate output as below, and i think there must be setting issues or ohter problem with my matlab

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Pranjal Kaura
Pranjal Kaura 2021-10-28
Hey Cheng,
I'm not able to reproduce the issue on my end. Could you share the following details for further investigation?
  • MATLAB version you're currently using
  • The complete SIMULINK model file
  • Brief description of what you're trying to accomplish




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