char array to cell array convert?

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Divyesh pandav
Divyesh pandav2021-10-27
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T cell array
T = {[5.8882656], [0.01232356], [0.02556545],[0.035659595] , ...}
A = num2str(T,'%.2f');
A = '5.88 0.01 0.02 0.03 0.04 0.05'
A = str2num(A)
A = NaN
A = { 5.88] ,[0.01],[0.02],[0.03],[0.04] , [0.05] }
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Rik 2021-10-27
@Johan Pelloux-Prayer This looks like an answer. Please move it to the answer section.
A few notes: using cellfun is simply hiding the for loop (which is generally faster). You are also using str2num instead of str2double. str2num calls eval internally and can do a lot of damage if used with untrusted input. str2double has as downside that it will only works on scalars, but is otherwise completely safe to use (it will return NaN if it fails).



Rik 2021-10-27
If you want to round your data, just use round:
T = {[5.8882656], [0.01232356], [0.02556545],[0.035659595]};
T = cell2mat(T);
T = round(T,2);
T = num2cell(T)
T = 1×4 cell array
{[5.8900]} {[0.0100]} {[0.0300]} {[0.0400]}
You can ignore the trailing zeros when this data is displayed. You should distinguish the data itself and the way it is displayed in Matlab.
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