Some question about UAV Toolbox PX4 support package

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Hello, I have some question about UAV Toolbox PX4 support package
I listed my question below
  1. I know I can upload my own control algorithm, but it seems I have to choose either Navigation controller or attitude controller. Is it possible to revise both of them?
  2. I want to upload my own control algorithm which is quite complex. I am worrying about will hardware support it because RAM of Pixhawk board is very small. I am not sure, but I heard that there is a constraint on how much memory can be allocated to the attitude control module. I heard that to increase that memory I have to revise CMakeList File. Will Toolbox support this? Is there a solution to solve the situation that memory or stack size is deficient and I cannot upload my controller? I am curious how optimized the generatred C++ code is.
  3. In case of quadrotor, other modules used in VTOL, rover, etc are useless. I think erasing those modules will be helpful. Is there any method to optimize my code specific to quadrotor?
Thank you for replying in advance!


Ankur Bose
Ankur Bose 2021-11-11
  1. The Navigation option enables all the modules in rcS. So you can interact with all the available PX4 modules and design your custom algorithm if any
  2. By default Simulink generates optimized code. Unless you try to log a very large number of signals on the hardware, the available RAM/stack should support your controller algorithm. We have tested with various controllers and memory has not been an issue.
  3. You can edit the startup files in ROMFS/init.d folder to remove the modules you dont need. To remove them from build, remove them from CMakeList

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