At what point in thingspeak data upload created_at timestamp is added to channel data?

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评论: Iftikhar ,2021-11-17
I am analysing sensor data downloaded from thingspeak API and my goal is to somehow take all 4 channels data and merge them into 1. Does anyone know at what point thingspeak server (during data upload from device) attached created_at?
  • At the time when data received at the server?
  • At the time when we data is ingested into thingspeak data store?
I am assuming that there can be delay between data being received at thingspeak server vs. data ingested into thingspeak data store.


Vinod 2021-11-16
编辑:Vinod 2021-11-17
The created_at is set at the time the data is received by the ThingSpeak API server. If you are using MQTT, or static IP - which are essentially just forwarders to, then created_at is when the data is received by (not when it hits the MQTT or static IP).
Note that you can specify created_at as one of the parameters when you update the channel. This is particularly useful if your device has a real-time clock and you want to eliminate the network latencies from affecting when the data was actually recorded.
Note also that you can use the bulk ingest API to send data to ThingSpeak and in this case you can specify the timestamp of when the data was recorded. In this case ThingSpeak keeps the timestamp specified by you.

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