What does the error "No response when requesting system info" mean in the diagnostics and how do I fix it?

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Hello. My name is Nicholas and I am a seventh grader participating in the BEST robotics competition this year. When attempting to download my program, I received this message in the diagnostics. I think that it is preventing the program from being downloaded. What does it mean and how can it be fixed?
Thank you
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Bruno Pop-Stefanov
Bruno Pop-Stefanov 2014-10-23
I am not sure what the system info from the VEX system is for but, although you are getting this error, your program seems to be downloaded onto the robot successfully. It says, Build process completed successfully.


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Siddharth Menon
Siddharth Menon 2014-10-24
It looks like your VEX Hardware either needs to be rebooted (try pressing the "config" button to do this) or firmware needs to be updated.
This is a an issue with the VEX hardware, so the following flowchart may be useful to you: http://content.vexrobotics.com/docs/VEX_Robot_Troubleshooting_Flowchart_0811.pdf

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