data loss during christmas?

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Projekt Ottenstein
Projekt Ottenstein 2021-12-27
almost 2 days of data seem to be lost between december 25th and 27th although I checked the graph yesterday (26th) and saw a steady curve... so at some point there must have been an error. after 27th 7:41 GMT+0100 things are working properly again. any ideas or hints?

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Vinod 2021-12-27
编辑:Vinod 2021-12-27
There are no known issues. For example, see this channel:
Can you try exporting all the data in your channel from the data import/export tab? Do you see the data for the period in question?
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Projekt Ottenstein
Projekt Ottenstein 2021-12-27
oops, sorry. I think it was a misreading... human error. in the given time frame no values were uploaded to thingspeak. so it was my fault.
thanks for the hint anyways



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