how do i assign a color to the same type of shape

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eg. squares=blue eg. circles=r
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Adi Pamungkas
Adi Pamungkas 2016-7-2
You can see at


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Doug Hull
Doug Hull 2014-11-12
If you make this a binary image, you can run it through regionprops. There are a variety of metrics in there that should be usefull in identifying equal shapes. Without much more information, I think this will be enough to get you in the right direction.

Image Analyst
Image Analyst 2014-11-12
Once you've identified the shapes, which we've talked about in your other question, you can use a for loop to reassign your labeled region to the desired number, like 1 for squares = blue, 2 for circles = red, and so on. Then just create the colormap and pass that plus the labeled image in to ind2rgb() to get an RGB image with shapes having the desired color.
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jason 2014-11-13
here is my code with the classified shapes, take a look @ it please, where would i add the color to codes.


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