Thingspeak : account creation / login issue

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reno d
reno d 2022-1-15
回答: Vinod ,2022-1-16
I'm starting a small weather station project at home and I would like to use thingspeak to display the data (temperature, humidity, light).
But the login page seems not to work... After failing to create an account on Thingspeak, I've create one on the mathwork webite : that worked. But I still can't connect, the page doesn't display or do not recognose the login.
I've tried different brower and network...
Do the platform has some issue ? Can anyone help me ?

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Vinod 2022-1-16
There are no known issues at this time.
Do you get any errors? Can you share a screenshot of what you see when you try to log in?


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