Annoying behavior saving eps figures in MATLAB 2014

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Life was good before I upgraded to MATLAB 2014. I had a script which plotted and saved multiple figures in .eps format. The file sizes were about 200k. I upgraded to MATLAB 2014, now the same script produces garbage: the figures have enormous white space page borders around them, plus the file sizes have exploded to 6 MB ea. I've spent hours reading these forums looking for solutions, and none of them work.
I'm running on 2013 MacBook Air with Yosemite.
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John Ho
John Ho 2014-11-26
编辑:John Ho 2014-11-26
Also looking for a solution to this extremely annoying problem.
Specifically, I often need to save the figure generated by contourf() to eps in order to edit it on vector illustration software. This worked beautifully prior to MATLAB R2014b. The result now is a large file that seems to "grid" the image so that the file size is enormous.


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Doug Hull
Doug Hull 2014-11-26
Please send the specifics of your case, code and old and new outputs, to
Without more details, it is hard to say what is happening. Sending this to support will get you going again as fast as possible.

Henrik 2014-11-27
I don't know if this will solve the issue with the file size, but for me at least it solved the problem with white space outside the figure. Try to add this to the start of your script (or startup.m).

Leonardo 2014-12-6
Henrik: That didn't work for me. Thank you, though.
Doug: To reproduce the problem, do the following:
print('-depsc', 'test.eps')
I would attach the resulting eps file, but the MathWorks forum does not allow me to upload a *.eps file.
In any case, when I run that code and open the eps file in Preview (Mac OS X built-in viewer), it shows the figure at the bottom left corner of a 8.5 x 11" standard page. There is needless white space around the figure. Running this same code in Matlab 2012a doesn't do this.

Ilja Maljutenko
Ilja Maljutenko 2016-7-11
So far external python script have been only solution to join up patches in eps files.
Overall it seems to be new acceptable format for vector graphics -.-

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