Create part of Handles variable

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Richard Natho
Richard Natho2014-11-26
评论: Richard Natho ,2014-11-27
I've create a GUI with lots of Text fields called Cell1...Cell60. Now I would like to write Data to these fields using: set(handles.CellXX, 'String',DataXX)
I've tried genvarname to change the XX to the current field I would like to change but the dot is not created correctly. Does anyone have an idea how to get build a working handles.XXX reference in the code?


Doug Hull
Doug Hull 2014-11-26
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Richard Natho
Richard Natho 2014-11-27
Thanks. Worked like a charm.
Just one more question. I understand that you shouldn't do this to create hundreds of variables but where is the problem if you use it to call variables?


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