Suppress Simulink build summary in command window

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Is there a way to suppress the Simulink build summary (running in accelerator mode) in the command window. For example, is there way to stop this printing out:? My model is composed of multiple sub-models using model references.
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Dara Parsavand
Dara Parsavand 2022-2-23
编辑:Dara Parsavand 2022-2-23
I have the same need. I note that you can programatically run a model that is open by a command like:
Because the model has a place (a GUI) to put build info, it doesn't clutter the command window in this case. But the code zips by that line and executes the next one before the sim is finished (and so any automated verification code isn't going to work). There is surely some messy way to make this method work by looping every sec and checking simulation status, but I will keep looking for a more straightforward solution and post here if I find one.


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Dara Parsavand
Dara Parsavand 2022-2-23
This seems to be working. The semicolon after the evalc command is required, else you will get output.
model_name = 'your_model'; % you don't need the .slx or .mdl inside the quotes
(or you can make it one line, but I think you have to escape the single quotes that way - this looked cleaner to me).


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