how to connect converter circuit devices each other in matlab simulink ?

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I drawed dc dc converter circuit diagram. Red dashed lines shows matlab doesn't allow to connect that ports and I drawed red lines in paint to show I can't connect that ports each other . Why this happen ? How can I connect them each other ?
I added simulink file and paint file to show unconnected ports.
Generally I can't connect :
1) Pulse generator to resistor and resistor to IGBT gate ports
2) IGBT collecter ports to main circuit lines between inductor and diode
3 IGBT emitter port to ground port.


Pemendra Kumar Pardhi
  1. The pulse generator output can not connect with the power terminal of any elements (eg. Switch, inductor, capacitor, resistance and so on…). You can directly connect pulse generator output with the gate of IGBT.
  2. To connect IGBT collector terminal with line joining of inductor and diode, firstly remove all three collector connection, then connect collector of center IGBT with above line, then second one switch and then third one,
  3. For emitters also apply the above 2 rules.
I hope you have got it.
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Ali Zulfikaroglu
Ali Zulfikaroglu 2022-2-19
Thank u , but I am trying to apply this circuit created in pspice. there is resistor between Igbt and voltage source. Pulse generetor is true component or should I use different component to trigger or control gate voltage ?


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Pemendra Kumar Pardhi
Some ideas can be obtained from give model as given below link
Pemendra Kumar Pardhi (2022). Zeta Converter Based Led Driver Circuit (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved February 19, 2022.


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