Plotting piece-wise functions with absolute value????

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Hi, I want to plot this piece-wise function:
f(x) = { x if -5<=x<=5 x^2 if x<-5 or x>5
I started out how I've plotted piece-wise functions in the past, with a for-loop and if statemnts
x = linspace (-10,10,100)
for k = 1: length(x)
if (x(k) >= -5 & x(k)<=5)
y(k) = abs(x)
elseif (x(k)<-5 | x(k)>2)
y(k) = x.^2
plot (x,y)
I keep getting this error:
In an assignment A(I) = B, the number of elements in B and I must be the same.
Error in piecewise (line 6) y(k) = x.^2;
I cannot figure out how to plot this particular equation. Please help?

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Youssef  Khmou
Youssef Khmou 2014-12-8
The algorithm you wrote is almost correct, inside the if conditions you need to use x(k), not x :
x = linspace (-10,10,100);
for k = 1: length(x)
if (x(k) >= -5 && x(k)<=5)
y(k) = abs(x(k));
elseif (x(k)<-5 || x(k)>2)
y(k) = x(k).^2;
plot (x,y)
There are other methods to generate piece wise functions.

David Young
David Young 2014-12-8
编辑:David Young 2014-12-8
To fix your existing code, with the loop, you need
y(k) = abs(x(k));
y(k) = x(k).^2;
Your condition x(k) > 2 in the elseif line looks wrong - it isn't what you say you want to do at the start, and it isn't consistent with the else condition. Assuming it should be x(k) > 5, you should simply replace the whole elseif line with "else".
Alternatively, you can just use MATLAB's vectorisation capability to avoid the loop altogether. Replace the loop with:
middlePart = x >= -5 & x <= 5;
y(middlePart) = abs(x(middlePart));
y(~middlePart) = x(~middlePart) .^ 2;
Note the difference between this and the looping version. With the loop, you operate on x(k), which is a scalar. With the vectorised version you operate on vectors.


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