Facing problem in Motor & Drive (System Level)

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I am working on electric vehicle simulation. I am using Motor & Drive(System Level) block from Physical library. I have the data of electric motor required and I am trying to simulate vehicle performance.
I have never used Motor & Drive (System Level) so this is my first time. My problem is that when I trying to simulate the model I am facing one problem. I have attached the screenshot of the data. I am not sure how to solve the problem. I have followed the rules of building the data as shown in Generic motor and drive with closed-loop torque control - MATLAB - MathWorks India.
I cant upload the whole model but I am attching the relevant data in mat file for the motor for reference and the motor how I am working on it.
And I also wanted to ask if anyone have idea on how to calculate PowerLoss of motor. Currently I am using Pl = (2*pi*N*T/60)*(1 - e/100) correct me if I am wrong. I dont have voltage and current data.
Kindly share the solutions to this problem.
Thanks in Advance


Dakai Hu
Dakai Hu 2022-4-29
Hi Jay,
Thanks for your questions.
There are a couple of issues in your attached model.
  1. The Motor & Drive block must be connected to a DC source. In your model they are shorted together.
  2. The Motor & Drive block only takes in row vectors. You can transpose all the column vectors in MATLAB workspace, or do it in the block's parameter fields, such as below:
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Jay Talreja
Jay Talreja 2022-5-4
Thanks Dakai,
I have made the required changes and it works as expected.


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