Round random vector to nearest number in a fixed vector

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My question is as follows: I get some random measured values and I want to round them to a scale I have predefined. One solution to this is:
%I have a fixed Cooling Capacity that has the following values:
CoolingCapacity = [2,5,10];
%And a vector with these measured values
CoolingC = [1,2.3,5.3,7.2,10.2,12.2];
if CoolingC < 2.5
tempCooling(i) = 2;
elseif CoolingC >= 2.5 && CoolingC <7.5
tempCooling(i) = 5;
elseif CoolingC >=7.5
tempCooling(i) = 10;
It could be solved like this, but is there a easy way to round to nearest number in a fixed vector?
RoundToNearest(CoolingCapacity,CoolingC) And it returns the rounded vector?
Im not sure if my question is clear. Else be free to ask me and ill answer.


Youssef  Khmou
Youssef Khmou 2015-1-19
Try logical test :
CoolingC = [1,2.3,5.3,7.2,10.2,12.2];
CoolingC(CoolingC>=2.5 & CoolingC<7.5 )=5
CoolingC(CoolingC>=7.5 )=10
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Kelvin 2015-1-19
Thats exactly what im looking for. Logical test is a great solution and easy to read.
Thanks :-)


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