Having trouble understanding connections within the same modeling domain in Simscape

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I recently aquired Simscape electrical and I have watched a few tutorials on getting started. I have a few models I am customizing for a motor controller and I am unable to connect certain elements and dont understand why. For example, I have an igbt based inverter and I would like to add a current measurement. I want to open the circuit and place a current sensor in the path, and then use a ps-s converter at the I port on the sensor to connect it to a scope. However the current sensor will not connect to the circuit. Being that they are in the same domain I dont understand why. I see the outputs of the inverter are Physical Modeling connection ports, and the current sensor says conservative electrical ports but I dont know in what ways they differ. Can someone help me understand the connection constraints better? Thanks

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Dakai Hu
Dakai Hu 2022-5-5
Hi Gideon,
The light blue current sensor is from Simscape component library, while the rest of your inverter circuit is from "specialized Power Systems" sub-library. These are two different modeling paradigms. There are ways to interface the two together, but in your case it will be easier to replace the current sensor by the "current measurement" block under Specialized Power Systems/Sensors and Measurements.


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