I want to know MQTT API Key

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评论: Naim Slama ,2023-3-29
Where I can find mqtt api key in thingspeak account. latest version i am mqtt api keey is not visible. so, please if anybody knows relpay it.
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Christopher Stapels
The MQTT API key worked with the lagacy MQTT server that was deprecated. There is no longer an MQTT API key in use. See the instructions in Vinod's post to use the new imporved MQTT service.


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Vinod 2022-5-1
Please read the documentation and examples on how to use the MQTT API.

Naim Slama
Naim Slama 2023-3-18
编辑:Naim Slama 2023-3-18
help please ,i´m eager to read data from thingspeak channel by my iotbit (using microbit) i share you my iot bit thx in advance best regards
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Naim Slama
Naim Slama 2023-3-29
Sorry i looked his issue but he asked for how to publish data in thingspeak and here there's no problem to publish and arrived to solve the problem but me i Ask for Reading data from thingspeak using iotbit board.. Thx in all cases.. Have great day



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