Find optimal parameter values for model

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Tycho Maas
Tycho Maas2022-5-27
评论: Sam Chak ,2022-5-28
I am currently modelling a heart. The current model is not ideal yet, so I need to find the optimal parameter values in order to match my wanted output. E.g. I need to model my blood pressure, which is affected by 6 parameters. The wanted output, an average over a time period, should be within the range 110-120 (mmHg). I've tried to use nested for loops of ranges, however I would like a tidier approach. Does anybody have an idea on how to approach this?
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Sam Chak
Sam Chak 2022-5-28
So, you want to mathematically model your heart's pumping cycle: systole/diastole. If you would like to have a tidier model, then we need to see how less tidy your model is. This helps to identify the parts that need to be cleaned up.


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