Hi, i need help with ploting this sum of shifted rectangular equation, can any1 help me please?

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Nithin Kumar
Nithin Kumar 2023-8-30
编辑:Nithin Kumar 2023-8-30
Hi Rom,
I understand that you want to plot the sum of shifted rectangular equation you provided.
To plot the equation x(t) = Σ (0.5)^n * π * (t - n) for n = 0 to 2022 using MATLAB, kindly refer to the following steps:
1. Define the time variable `t`.
2. Use a loop to iterate through different values of `n` from 0 to 2022.
3. Calculate the term "(0.5)^n * π * (t - n)" for each `n`.
4. Accumulate the contributions of each term in the summation.
5. Finally, plot the result using the plot function.
Kindly refer to the following MATLAB code for the implementation of "sum of shifted rectangular equation":
t = -10:0.01:10; % time values
num_terms = 2022; % number of terms in the summation
% Initialize the signal
x = zeros(size(t));
% Calculate the sum
for n = 0:num_terms
term = (0.5)^n * pi * (t - n);
x = x + term;
% Plot the result
plot(t, x);
title('Summation of Shifted Rectangular Equation');
grid on;
I hope this answer helps you.


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