Converting Upper triangle to lower triangle

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Hello all, I have a small point that stopping me in some ideas. It is about how to convert the binary lower triangle to xor upper triangular. For example: A = tril(randerr(4,4)); and then get A. I want the upper triangle = xor of A or we can say as conjugate A. The result if we XORed the Upper to Lower we get the zeros or ones.
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Abe 2015-2-3
The above matrix 4x4 I missed the semicolon.



Youssef  Khmou
Youssef Khmou 2015-2-2
If the question consists of converting lower triangular binary matrix into upper triangular one, then is it possible to use logical operation xor, there are two possible values in a={1,0}, the kernel is b=1, so xor(a=1,b)=0 and xor(a=0,b)=1.
diagonal elements can be adjusted with options of tril function.

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