Interfacing C2000 ADC and SCI Tx

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Hello Everyone, I have problem in interfacing TI's C2000 F28335 ADC. I want to display whatever data i get in ADC to LCD using SCI Tx port but its not working... As soon as i remove ADC and connect constant block its working fine actually.. I have attached file too please look into that..


Antonin 2015-4-13
Hi Nityanand,
While running out of flash, the ramfuncs section needs to be copied from Flash to RAM at startup. This is what we do in the "Initialize functions" section of the target preferences block while you pick a "boot from Flash" board. The ADC init routine needs it. Your code runs fine if I add this to the TP block. Attached is the modified model. Tips:
  • Use single instead of double as double is not natively supported on the c28x processor.
  • You can try printf in your MATLAB code, this will be cleaner instead of using direct ASCII characters.
I hope it helps,

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Nityanand Hegde
Nityanand Hegde 2015-4-14
Hi Antonin,
Thanks for your reply.. I tried this using interrupts, even that works fine..
Nityanand Hegde

varun lal
varun lal 2017-8-14
Hi, how can this to be modified for f28379D ?

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