How to simulate a spherical pendulum in matlab?

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I want to simulate a spherical pendulum in matlab. So far, I have found the equation of motion of the spherical pendulum:
But I haven't a clue how to simulate this. Any help whil be useful.
Kind regards, Bas


Roger Stafford
Roger Stafford 2015-2-11
编辑:Roger Stafford 2015-2-11
Bas, you have a sign error in the gravity term. It should be:
Use one of matlab's 'ode' solvers to numerically solve these equations. Read about how to use them at:
Note that you would have numerical accuracy difficulty if the angle phi approaches near zero because of the division by sin(phi) in the first equation. At that point theta would change very rapidly. That is inherent in the physical situation as measured by the two angles.
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Bas Siebers
Bas Siebers 2015-4-22
Hi Roger,
I started again with solving this problem. Do you known how to transform my coordinates to cartesian coordinates?


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Youssef  Khmou
Youssef Khmou 2015-2-11
编辑:Youssef Khmou 2015-2-11

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