Echo+noise signal

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Mehmet Özgür Güzel
Mehmet Özgür Güzel2022-8-1
评论: Chunru ,2022-8-9
Hello, I want to create an artificial echo+noise signal, how can I create it?
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Adam Danz
Adam Danz 2022-8-1
Mehmet Özgür Güzel's answer moved here as a comment
I will measure distance with laser. I will artificially generate an echo+noise signal, I will generate 100 of these signals and make a pulse integration.
but I don't know what kind of noise and what kind of echo to use. but radar.



Chunru 2022-8-2
% generate a waveform
f0 =100; fs=1000; pw = 0.1; pri = 1; npulses = 10;
s = cos(2*pi*f0*(0:1/fs:pw))'; % it can be any other waveform of your choice
s(round(fs*pri)) = 0; % PRI
s = repmat(s, npulses, 1); % npulses
% echo: delayed signal
tau = 0.3; ntau = round(fs*tau); amp = 0.5;
e = amp* circshift(s, ntau);
% add noise
sigma = 0.1;
r = s + e + sigma*randn(size(s));
plot((0:length(s)-1)/fs, r)
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Chunru 2022-8-9
PRI for pulse repetition interval; tau for delay; PW for pulse width


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