How to write a matlab code to find the MTTF and MTTR in power systems, for ieee 24 bus system?

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I have to write a matlab code using matpower, which finds the mean time to failure and mean time to repair of a component in power system. I have to do this for 24 bus system.
Thank you

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Nithin Kumar
Nithin Kumar 2023-8-30
编辑:Nithin Kumar 2023-8-30
Hi Myrto,
I understand that you would like to write a MATLAB code to find the MTTF and MTTR in Power Systems for IEEE 23 bus system.
Kindly refer to the following example code to calculate MTTF and MTTR using MATPOWER:
% Load IEEE 24 Bus System data
mpc = loadcase('case24_ieee_rts');
% Define failure rates and repair rates (example values)
bus_failure_rates = [0.001, 0.002, 0.003, ...];
branch_failure_rates = [0.0005, 0.001, 0.001, ...];
repair_rates = [0.01, 0.02, 0.03, ...];
% Modify bus data to include failure rates
for i = 1:length(mpc.bus)
mpc.bus(i, 16) = bus_failure_rates(i);
% Create branch data matrix with failure rates
branch_data_with_rates = zeros(size(mpc.branch, 1), size(mpc.branch, 2) + 1);
branch_data_with_rates(:, 1:end-1) = mpc.branch;
branch_data_with_rates(:, end) = branch_failure_rates;
% Create a MATPOWER case with failure rates
mpc_with_rates = mpc;
mpc_with_rates.branch = branch_data_with_rates;
% Set up outage scenario
outage_scenario = struct('type', 'outage', 'rate_a', 8760, 'duration', 1);
% Run MATPOWER's contingency analysis
results = runpf(mpc_with_rates, 'pf.dc', 'outages', outage_scenario);
% Calculate MTTF (mean time to failure) and MTTR (mean time to repair)
MTTF = 1 / sum(branch_failure_rates) * results.f;
MTTR = 1 / sum(repair_rates);
fprintf('MTTF: %.2f hours\n', MTTF);
fprintf('MTTR: %.2f hours\n', MTTR);
Kindly replace the failure rates, repair rates of this example with your actual data for the calculation of MTTF and MTTR values.
For more information regarding MATPOWER, kindly refer to the following documentation:
I hope this answer helps you.


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