Can we use the project that is built by the Simulink Galaxy Support Package in Android Studio or Eclipse?

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I have been trying to migrate the android project that is built by the Simulink when I click on "deploy on target hardware" to deploy on my Samsung S5. The app worsk fine on the device. Now as far as I can see there is no way to create an app that has a useful user interface with this simulink package. So I want to get this package migrated into Android Studio, but it whatever I do I always get errors no matter what. So , what kind of project type does this package creates? How can we use the output app with our actual app?


saras 2015-11-3
The support package creates an Ant based project. You should be able to import it in Eclipse if you use the ADT plugin.
I agree that the import process in Android Studio is not straightforward. It requires you to import the project and update the SDK since the support package uses an older version.
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saras 2016-7-31
Starting R2016a release, Simulink Support Package for Samsung GALAXY Android Devices generates Android Studio compatible projects. Please refer to this documentation guide for details on the import process.


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