Simulink: Use Enumeration As Index

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Iam Hamidd
Iam Hamidd2022-8-13
编辑: Walter Roberson ,2022-8-13
I feel like this is something that'd be absurdly easy in C# but is impossible in Simulink. I am trying to use an enumerated value as an array index. The trick is: I have an array that is sized for the number of elements in the enumeration, but their values are non-contiguous. So I want the defined enumeration and Simulink code to read the value at A(4). Obviously, it will instead read A(999). Any way to get the behavior I'm looking for?
classdef Example < Simulink.IntEnumType
value1 (1)
value2 (2)
value13 (13)
value999 (999)
%// Below in Simulink; reputation is not good enough to post images.
A = Data Store Memory
A.InitialValue = uint16(zeros(1, length(enumeration('Example'))))
%// Do a Data Store Read with Indexing enabled; Index Option = Index vector (dialog)

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dpb 2022-8-13
编辑:dpb 2022-8-13
Try something like
MATLAB enumeration classes are weird things -- they are nothing at all like a classical C-like enumeration which is, essentially nothing but a macro #define with scope. In C you get just the constant; in MATLAB you get the whole class thingie as an object that just displays its value and MATLAB functions can get its value, but it's not just the constant. I tried it with constants for an ActiveX class to interact w/ Excel to be able to use named constants in the MATLAB code a la the VBA constants -- crash and burn; MATLAB doesn't send the value but the object.




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