How to make a line plot with Jet colored lines?

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Hi everyone!
I would like to make a line plot of the attached data. There are about 64 different lines in the single plot.
So, I use the following command.
zz1.zz1 = load('z1.mat');
zz1.zz2 = load('x2.mat');
plot(zz1.zz2.X2_axis, zz1.zz1.Z2_axis)
I get the following attached figure.
Instead I want the lines to follow jet colorbar.
Something like
cmp1 = colorbar(jet(64));
plot(zz1.zz2.X2_axis, zz1.zz1.Z2_axis,'Color',cmp1);
But, this throws error!
Any help will be greatly appriciated.


Chunru 2022-8-17
编辑:Chunru 2022-8-17
zz1.zz1 = load('z1.mat');
zz1.zz2 = load('x2.mat');
cmp1 = jet(64);
% Use colororder
plot(zz1.zz2.X2_axis, zz1.zz1.Z2_axis);
legend(h.Children, 'Location', 'Eastoutside', 'NumColumns', 2, 'FontSize', 6)
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