How to use a trained neural network for fitting new data?

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I've trained a neural network using a bessel function, and I've gotten a result I'm satisfied with.
Now I want to use the neural network to "smooth the curve" (get rid of the noise)
I am unable to do so, I don't know which function to use, or the correct syntaxis with the variables I have.
Paso 0
clear,clc,close all
Visualizar los datos
hold on
hold on
hold off
Crear la red neuronal
x = 0:100;
y = real(besselj(0,x));
Red_raza = feedforwardnet([20 10 8 5], 'trainbr'); = 1*10^-5; = 0.5;
net.train.Param.epochs = 1*10^25;
net.train.Param.goal = 1*10;
% net.divideParam.trainRatio = 70/100;
% net.divideParam.valRatio = 15/100;
% net.divideParam.testRatio = 15/100;
net1 = train(Red_raza,x,y);
a = sim(net1,x);
Reto1 is the data I want to use my trained neural network on, which has S, I, and R as dependent variables of t.
I think I can use the neural network to remove the noise on S,I, and R independently and have appropiate curves.

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