How to pass Function Call to s function builder block?

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I am performing SIL testing using S function builder block and Simulink Test Manager. I am passing function call from Test Sequence block. How to add function call in s function builder block?
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Ankita Pingale
Ankita Pingale 2022-10-14
Yes. S-function do not have capability to take function call. Is there any other workaround we can do to pass function call to S-function builder.



Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom 2022-10-15
编辑:Mark McBroom 2022-10-15
You could place the S-Function Builder Block inside a function call subsystem, and then call the function-call subsystem from the Test Sequence Block.
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Ankita Pingale
Ankita Pingale 2022-10-18
As you said above is there any reference model available on mathworks site? If yes, could you please provide me the link for the same. Thank You @Mark McBroom.


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MAHENDRAN A 2023-9-12
Hey hi ankita. I'm Mahendran. I'm also working on MIL, SIL tests using different methods. As of now i'm doing SIL test harness using s function logic. I'm facing few issues. Can you explain me how to perform SIL testing using S function builder block and Simulink Test Manager of what you doing.
It'll be helpful to me.
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