define a counter which will starts counting from zero automatically when the count reaches to 10

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Hello all , can you please explain how to model a simple counter which will continue to count from the start when it reaches its max value to 10.

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Chunru 2022-11-16
c = 0; % initialization
while true
c = mod( c + 1, 10); % count from 0 to 9 then re-start

Andy Bartlett
Andy Bartlett 2022-11-16
In a Simulink model, click on the canvas and type "counter"
you'll see a list of blocks
one of these is called Counter Limited
it does exactly what you are asking for.
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Rakesh Singare
Rakesh Singare 2022-11-17
instead here, i have used delay will take feedback from output and gets added in the input again for increamenting its value by +1 again and again until it reaches to value 10. i have used switch block providing condition that if input > 10 , then output =0.



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