third-order Newton’s interpolating polynomial

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William Rose
William Rose 2022-12-3
Here is the start of a solution. You will learn a lot more about Matlab by finishing it yourself.
Good luck!
% Create vectors with the known data
%I changed the order of x3,y3 and x4,y4 so the points are increasing
x=[1,4,5,6]; %known x values
y=[0,1.386294,1.609438, 1.791759]; %known y values
b3=0; %edit this
b4=0; %edit this
b5=0; %edit this
xq=2; %query point
yq=b1+b2*(xq-x(1)); %edit this
fprintf('y(interp)=%.4f at x=%.4f.\n',yq,xq);
y(interp)=0.4621 at x=2.0000.
xlabel('x'), ylabel('y')


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