Tool Coupling FMU Model running in Matlab 2019 and above versions

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Dear Community,
I have exported the simulink model using Tool coupling FMU support package in Matlab 2018b. My customer would like to run this model in Matlab 2019a but when we tried to run it in newer version of Matlab, it doesnt work also we could not install the tool coupling toolbox to Matlab 2019a. How I could run the generated FMU from Matlab 2018b in Matlab 2019a or higher versions.
Thank you


Dinesh 2023-9-20
Hi Ilker,
I understand that you are trying to install 'Tool coupling FMU support package' and run it in MATLAB R2019a.
Starting from MATLAB R2019a, the tool coupling co-simulation FMU for Simulink is already included in Simulink itself. This means that you no longer need to install the separate toolbox. To export a model as a Tool-Coupling-FMU, you can refer to the following MATLAB documentation for more detailed instructions:
To import a FMU in the Simulink you can use the FMU Block provided in the Simulink. For more details regarding the importing and using a FMU model please refer to the following MATLAB documentation.
Hope this helps.
Best regards,
Dinesh Reddy Gatla.

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