Make changes to multiple files simultaneously?

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I need to add one line of code to 100 files, is there any way I can modify all of them at once (without changing them individually?)

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dpb 2023-3-6
编辑:dpb 2023-3-7
Notepad++ has a feature that may work if you can make the replacement with a [regexp] expression as a substitution.
Alternatively, there are editors with batch-capable commands that can operate in batch file mode in a for...each mode on a file list.
Or, you can write a Matlab script that does the job -- if the line goes in a fixed location like at the end, it's pretty trivial if the files are either named with a well-defined name that is usable wildcard pattern or are all in a given location --
Alert -- air code, test thoroughly before destroying anything by having backups!!!
nL=100; % target line number in file
L="Your new text"; % the text to add/insert
d=dir(fullfile('yourfolder','yourfile*wildcardname.ext')); % get the list of files
for i=1:numel(d)
fn=fullfile(d(i).folder,d(i).name); % the fully-qualifie fn
F=readlines(fn); % in memory as string array
F=[F(1:nL);L;F(nL+1:end)]; % insert the line where wanted
writematrix(F,fn) % rewrite modified file
The above overwrites the original file, obviously you can modify the filename before writing to avoid that...
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dpb 2023-3-7
编辑:dpb 2023-3-7
Thanks, @Stephen23. I started with the fullfile() in there and then realized needed it again and moved it -- but then failed to put the variable back in its place...I did say was air code... :)



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