Keeping same colors for the same groups in different group scatter plot

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I have a set of data containing around 5 000 000 different datapoints and these have been grouped into four different groups with the help of k-means clustering. When I plot these using gscatter, the four different colors presenting the datapoints belonging to each group in the plot are : group 1: purple, 2: blue, 3: orange and 4: yellow.
However, when I want to plot, for example, the first 100 000 of the datapoints they might only contain data belonging to group 1 and 3. Then the plot colours these as group 1: purple and group 3: blue instead of orange as in the original plot. How can I make it so the plots colours the datapoints based on the group they belong to?
Thank you in advance!


KSSV 2023-3-17
P = rand(1000,2) ;
x = P(:,1) ; y = P(:,2) ;
idx = kmeans(P,4) ;
h = gscatter(x,y,idx) ;
% Get colors
C = reshape([h.Color],3,[])' ;
hold on
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Oliver Wallin
Oliver Wallin 2023-3-20
I solved that issue by creating new arrays in the plot loop. So now it works
Thanks for the help!


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