How to create a custom colormap ("seismic" from python)

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I have read the colormap helpdocs but I am in need of a bit of help. I am not so familiar with RGB codes for colors, but I am trying to create a colormap like the one attached. It goes from red to white in the middle and then from white to blue towards the bottom end. How can I achieve something like this?
This specific colormap is called "seismic" in python.


KSSV 2023-3-21

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MJFcoNaN 2023-3-21
The easiest way may be creating manually in "colormap editor" and then you can save it.
  1. Right-click the colorbar and select "colormap editor" (I'm not sure the exact English translate).
  2. You can add/delete/change those key-colors, and Matlab will do the interpolation.
  3. You may choose the default "jet" colormap as a template. then delete some unwanted key-colors and add a white key-color in the middle.

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