Adjust the axis of bar3 plot

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if I plot bar3(myMatrix) I got the result in the attached picture.
MyMatrix size is 70x15.
1.) How can make the y-axis (1:15) more broader, by keeping the other axis as it is. I think "daspect" is not appropriate.
2) Is ist possible to change y-axis to e.g. 30:45?
Thank you.


Adam Danz
Adam Danz 2023-4-5
Use this syntax to specify y-coordinates: bar3(y,z)
z = rand(4,20);
y = [30 35 40 50];
ylabel('y axis')

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Samyuktha 2023-4-5
Hi CSCh,
I understand that you want to change the width and y-axis of the plot obtained from 'bar3' command.
You can change the width of the bars by changing the 'width' input argument. By default, width property is set to 0.8 and the bars have a slight separation.
You can change the labels of the axis by using the 'xticklabel', 'yticklabel' and 'zticklabel' properties of the bar3 plot.
Please refer to the following documentation link for more information:
Hope this helps!!
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CSCh 2023-4-5
Thank you for you help,
if ich change the wdth, this does not broaden the axis. See the image (right width=5, left 0.8). i just want to pull it apart a little bit.)


Alon Slapak
Alon Slapak 2023-9-30
ax = gca;
ax.PlotBoxAspectRatio = [1 0.5 1];


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