"Serial communication failed" in host-target communication

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I'm using a model to estimate my PMSM parameters. I already deployed the target model onto my target. The problem is now as soon as I press "Run" in the host model the Serial communication failed and it's showing me an error.
I already checked the COM port, baud rate, the SCI settings. Everything looks right but still not working.
(I checked the communication with another model to see if it's still crashing. But no it works fine with another model.)
The shown error output is attached.

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Nithin Kumar
Nithin Kumar 2023-8-24
Hi Baris,
I understand that you are facing an error while running the simulation of the host model to communicate with the target using Serial Communication.
This error could be caused due to the following reasons:
1. Parameter Configuration: The simulation may be encountering errors due to incorrect or incompatible parameter configurations within the component. Double-check the parameters and settings to ensure they are appropriate for the simulation.
2. Signal or Data Issues: The simulation could fail if the input signals or data being processed within the "Signal Conditioning" part of the algorithm are not as expected. Check the input data and make sure they are within the expected ranges and formats.
3. Code or Algorithm Errors: There could be programming errors or logical issues within the algorithm or code that's being executed during the simulation. Review the code and algorithm to identify any mistakes or issues that could be causing the error.
4. Resource Limitations: The simulation might be using more resources (memory, processing power, etc.) than what's available. This can cause the simulation to crash. Check the resource usage during the simulation and make sure it's within acceptable limits.
To know more information about the Systematic diagnosis of Errors and Warnings in Simulink, kindly refer to the following documentation.
I hope this answer helps you.


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