How do we excite the elements of an antenna array at different frequencies?

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I am trying to write a code for a circular array having 8 elements. But I want to excite each antenna elements at different frequency.(Say, Element #1 is excited at f0, Element #2 is excited at f0+Δf, and so no...) where f0=2.4 GHz, and Δf = 100 KHz. Such an array is known as Frequency Diverse Array(FDA).
I am using the conformalArray function to define my circular array, with each elements being a dipole.
How do I proceed?
Thank You.
Biplob Biswas
PhD Research Scholar

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Dinesh 2023-6-5
Hi Biplob!
To excite each antenna element at a different frequency in a circular array, you can create a for loop where each antenna element will be assigned a frequency.
First create a conformalArray to define a circular array with each element as a dipole. Then iterate over the elements of array and change the relevant properties of dipole antenna.
A sample code would be,
for i = 1:numElements % in this case 8
freq = f0 + (i-1)*deltaf; % Frequency of each antenna element
yourCircularArray.Element(i).property_name = freq; % Assign frequency to the ith element
For details on conformal arrar please refer this MATLAB documentation.
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Biplob 2023-6-5
Hi Dinesh,
Thanks for your answer.
I tried this code. But the problem is that I am using dipole as array element, and such a property doesnot exists for class dipole. As far as I know, we can design a dipole at a perticular frequency by using the command: design(dipole,f0). This will change the dimensions of the dipole to resonate at f0.
In my case, I want to feed the dipole at different frequencies.
Best wishes,



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