Changing units on scope in Simulink/Simscape

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I would like for the displayed units on the scope to be in US units. In my specific instance, position and velocity in "in" and "in/s" respectively. I am using Simscape blocks in a mass-spring-damper system and I have already changed the units for each of those elements, but I cannot figure out how to change the units on the scope.

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Govind KM
Govind KM 2023-6-2
Hi Nate,
You can display the units on the axes of the scope in two ways :
  1. From the Simulink toolstrip, select Debug > Information Overlays > Units. Run the scope again and the unit should show up as a label on the Y-axis, assuming you have set the outport units.
  2. From the Scope window toolbar, select the Configuration Properties button. Select the Display tab. In the Y-label box, enter a title for the y-axis followed by (%<SignalUnits>). For example, enter Velocity (%<SignalUnits>). This will set the label the same as the unit of the signal passed to the scope block. Click OK or Apply.
You can go through the 'Show Signal Units on a Scope Display' section of this documentation site as well :
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Nate 2023-6-5
I have shown units on the scope, but the are in SI units and I would like to change them to US Customary. The units coming out of the Ideal Translational Motion Sensor were in meters and m/s.
I was able to go into the source code of the ITMS and change the inputs and output units.



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