Buenas noches estoy intentando descargar matlab 2006a pero despues de darle instalar la pantalla se pone asi, lleva más de tres horas que sigue asi,agradezco mucho

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Rik 2023-6-5
I don't expect this release to be supported on Windows 10. You might get it to work, or not. There are know reports for 6.5 and 2007b workimg on Windows 10, but for releases in between you may need virtual machines running XP.


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Muskan 2023-6-15
Hi Dayana,
As per my understanding of the question, you need to install some Virtual Machine in your system and then insall Windows XP to run MATLAB 2006a.
You cannot run R2007a directly on Windows 10 because R2015a was the first release that supported Windows 10.


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