xlsread problem regarding reading values

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While i read a excel sheet using xlsread, it doesn't show whole value in the variable file but when i print the value i shows more decimal places than the actual value.
For eg. the actual number in excel sheet is 3.53719759
the value shown in variable when i open it 3.5372
the value shown when i print it is 3.53719758987427
How can i get the exact same value as it is in the excel sheet?
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2023-6-5
By the way, https://stackoverflow.com/questions/68784030/how-do-we-need-17-significant-decimal-digits-to-identify-an-arbitrary-double-pre gives an example of a number that requires 17 digits, 50388143.0682372152805328369140625
I just tested with writematrix() and confirmed that MATLAB for one writes out enough digits to be able to exactly replicate the number: writetable() writes out 50388143.068237215
Unfortunately at the moment I do not have genuine Excel handy to test what Excel does.



Divyanshu 2023-6-13
The values are getting rounded off because by default MATLAB uses ‘short’ format and hence displays numbers only up to 4 decimal places.
In order to get the correct values, follow these steps:
  • Firstly, set the format to ‘long’, you can do these by executing command format long.
  • And then read the value from excel file using readtable function.
Please refer the following documentation for further details:

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