How can I split data train, validation using for classificaiton learner

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Hello, is there a way to select the train and validation data separately from the separate data in the workspace for classification learner? Classification Learner interface does it by splitting the train data into %train and %test as a deafult. I need this to take advantage of the classification learner.
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Govind KM
Govind KM 2023-6-5
You can set the percentage of data to be reserved for testing or even import a test data set through the Test section on the Classification Learner tab. You can refer to these documentation sites for more information :
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beyoglu 2023-6-5
Let's assume that we have data from three separate datasets, train validation and test. We will evaluate their performance. In the link, the random part of the data as train and test is explained.
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Govind KM
Govind KM 2023-6-6
While creating a new session, you can select holdout validation and select a percentage of data to be used as a validation set. This can help you if you want to set a specific number of samples for validation.
I don't think you can specify the validation data separately as of now.





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